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Pixie Seats: One Fabric: Midnight Sky
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A much needed magical little addition to your space. She's got a pretty straight forward design with some tufted back cushions to add comfort to the equation. This versatile arm chair works in any corner of your room. Be sure to expect some fireworks to your space with this piece !

Dimensions and Layouts


1. Bolster -18" x 6" diameter
2. Square Small -16" x 16"
3. Square Large - 18" x 18"
4. Rectangle Small - 12" x 18"
5. Rectangle Large - 14" x 24"

(All cushions are provided with cushion covers with piping detail and polyfil fillers.)

Together,we have created these beautiful couches with alot of care. It takes an equal amount of care from your side to ensure these pieces are given their due. Lets follow some basic steps to ensure our products last in your home ! 

  • For indoor use only. Exposure to moisture will leave stains on the fabric, and exposure to sunlight will cause the fabric to fade.
  • Do not leave spills unattended. Use a mild water-free cleaning agent to address spills. Apply a small amount of the cleaning agent on a white absorbent cloth and test it out on a small patch, before proceeding further. Never apply the cleaning agent directly onto the fabric.
  • We would recommend professional scotch guarding to protect your couch from stains. Keep in mind that the scotch guard wears off with high traffic so we would suggest the process be repeated on an annual basis.
  • Avoid keeping newspapers,fabrics and objects that may bleed colour onto your couch.
  • Periodic vacuuming keeps your couches clean.
  • Use a professional agency to clean your couches every 6-9 months.
  • Fluff and rotate your loose cushions and pillows regularly.
  • Avoid keeping sharp objects on your couch.
  • Avoid exposure to direct heat or sunlight as this can cause the sofa colour to fade.
  • Keep sharp objects away from your sofa. A little tear on the fabric cover may be hard to repair.
  • If you have removable back cushions (or put extra cushions on your sofa), do reverse them periodically and fluff them up while arranging so that the cushion stays even.
  • Fabric freshners are not recommended

At 'Create your Couch', we pride ourselves in delivering high quality products. We believe in quality over quantity so each product is thoroughly analyzed for defects before we deliver it to your doorstep. 

Our couches are have a one year guarantee. Fabric has no guarantee.

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