Most good solutions are born out of a need to solve a personal problem, our story is no different. 

Having spent a number of years furnishing high end homes we realized that while finding a good couch was challenging enough, customising it further was even more so. Thus began the journey of ‘Create your Couch'. 

Building on a base of high quality materials that serves as a solid foundation and finishing of with a range of choices around upholstery, polish, seat comfort levels and custom dimensions our customers are spolied for choice. 


We are a design platform that leverages technology and design to bring together a vibrant network of boutiques, fabric designers and furniture artisans - allowing customers to create truly unique and stunning upholstered products for their homes and offices.. 

Our vision is to transform what is probably the most important piece of furniture in your house - the couch, from something that’s just functional into something that’s a reflection of who you are.


'Less is more', is the principle behind our designs. Our designs are simple yet classy and elegant yet edgy. 

We’ve spent countless hours working on which designs work with what fabrics and cushions so the process of putting together a complete “ensemble” is a synch for you.

Build Process

Every good sofa has its beginnings in the frame. We ensure our frames are made with Neem wood which act as a natural insect repellent and is an excellent hardwood to manage the load on the frame. 

Tension bands across the frames allow for comfort and weight distribution. We also use the best quality foams of different densities to give you the right balance between form and function. Each product goes through an extensive R&D process before we arrive at the correct foaming needs. 

We finish it off with the highest quality fabrics, including custom prints. To give you a product that you can truly be proud to own.